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The Roxy Room – Happy Birthday Roxy Ann!

Roxy and my mom pose in her new, finished room!

The Roxy Room is finished! For those of you who don’t know, I have a big mixed breed lady named Roxy. She’s about 90lbs and some sort of dobie, shepherd, coonhound mix. She turns 2 in 2 days, February 6, 2012. One of my dad’s projects at the new house was building a “Roxy Room” for her, where she can feel comfy and safe, and be far away from the temptations that puppies face when left alone in a big house.

Roxy’s room is in the unfinished basement. Interestingly enough, there was already a room framed out in the basement for some other purpose. The room was covered with paneling, which was all mildewed because of the moisture.

The first step was removing the paneling. After that any electrical work from inside of the room had to be relocated so it was safe for Roxy. This meant re-positioning the outlets and switch to the outside of the room.

The next step was to put a new light fixture in. I opted for a nice ceiling light with a dimmer switch, so I could make it as comfortable as possible for her during the day. This allows me to adjust the lighting so she can sleep, or keep it brighter so she can eat.

20120306-140943.jpgNext, my dad put up sheetrock and spackled all the cracks, built a frame, and installed a very sturdy storm door. He then painted the walls of the room, and painted the floor with a nice concrete paint/sealer. Now Roxy has an awesome room in the basement to call her own.

Soon to be decked out with her beloved crate, a futon, blankets, and a TV… I’m a little jealous!!



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