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The shed has a new floor

On Saturday morning, a few hours before the Dirty Girl Mud Run, I helped my dad load some plywood off the truck and get organized.  I had a really busy day ahead of me with the 5K, and he didn’t want to waste a beautiful day. Luckily, my mom came in for backup and they took on the daunting task of rebuilding the floor of the shed without me. I’m a little bummed that I wasn’t able to help, because now I can’t really write too intelligently about what they did. But it was a big help, and I’m happy that it’s done!

Before the race, I also helped dad clear out all of the garbage/junk from the inside. I put all my stuff in the yard and we just dumped everything else — anything from speakers, to lamps, to lawn chairs, to rotting wood, hoses, and just plain garbage filled this thing.

With everything removed they ripped up the rotting plywood from the floor. Upon pulling it up, my dad realized that the whole frame was also rotted (fun times). So, after a trip to the lumber yard, he was able to replace the rotting frame with new 2×4’s, then lay the plywood on top.

Long story short — I ran a 5K obstacle course and came home to a beautiful, freshly painted shed floor. I can actually store my lawn mower in there now. It’s really great.  Next we will organize it and put in some shelving. I’ll definitely be available to help with that!

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