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This is it… moving day!


Well, it’s officially moving day! Friends and family are set to arrive at 10am. I have much to do before they get here, but I wanted to write this first. I can’t believe that I’ve slept my last sleep in this apartment, this home, that my mom grew up in. The move is exciting, and I’m happy, but it’s also bitter-sweet. This is all I’ve known since 2003, 9 years. This is where I’ve spent good and bad times, happy and sad. Too many memories to count.

Now it’s down to some furniture, boxes stacked everywhere, messes of dishes and garbage to sort through. It’s all sinking in. I’m happy, and excited… but so incredibly scared. Owning a home is the scariest, most stressful thing I’ve ever done. But I’m very proud of myself, and don’t regret the decision. I can’t wait to look back on this, and see how far I’ve come. I can’t wait to learn new things, and make big decisions, and not look back.

I’m not looking back.

Time to take Roxy to Mike’s house. It’s better to keep the pets away from the chaos of moving. I think I’ll stop by Dunkin Donuts and get some Donut holes for my “crew”. It should be a really fun afternoon once the work is done, and everything is in place.

Goodbye 14th Ave. I will always remember you fondly.

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