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TV Wall Mount

Today Shawn and I installed the TV wall mount in my living room. Well, Shawn installed it, and I held things and handed them to him. Basically, the trick to doing the wall mount is running the wires behind the wall so you don’t see them coming from your components within the entertainment stand to the TV.

You can buy HDMI and optical wall plates online or at any of the big box stores. You will need 2 in order to make this work. The wall plate that I have has 2 HDMI inputs and an optical input. One should be mounted down low on the wall, behind the entertainment center (or wherever you are going to keep your DVD player, xbox, etc. The other gets mounted behind the TV on the wall.

You will need extra cables to go behind the wall to the backs of each of the wall plates. For the ones I have, I needed a total of 6 HDMI cables and 3 optical cables. One for each component into the lower wall mount, one for each component from the lower wall mount to the back of the wall mount behind the TV, and one for each component from the behind the TV wall mount to the back of the TV. So, yes, a lot of wires. But this makes it happen without having to see the wires. I’ve found that the 3ft cables work well behind the TV and from the components to the lower mount. You’ll have to measure the distance from each wall plate in order to determine the size from one wall plate to the other.

I bought a swivel wall mount on Amazon, and then we mounted that to the wall according to the instructions. This is easier with 2 people as you need someone to hold things for you while you bolt it into place. Make sure you find the studs first. Below is a picture of my mount once I got the TV working and in place.

Living room, after paint, TV, and furniture placement!

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