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Why I think window film is wonderful

There’s an easy answer to this question: It’s unique, there are different privacy levels to choose from, and it lets the light in while keeping peeping eyes out!

After the installation of my new windows, I couldn’t bare to put up the stinky, yellowed blinds that covered my tiny bathroom window. I was undecided on what to do there, so I’ve just left it uncovered since. But, this obviously is a problem because it faces my neighbor’s house. I find myself ducking down before jumping in the shower, and several of my friends have commented on how uncomfortable they feel using the bathroom — it just feels like someone is looking at you, even though they probably aren’t.

So, I had to make a decision. The window is only about 14″ wide, and less than 24″ tall. It’s tiny. At first, I was just going to replace the yellowed blinds with some new, fresh white ones. Then I realized that this isn’t as economical as you may think for such a small window. Plus, they are ugly. So, my next thought was to buy some bamboo dark wood shades that match the ones in the rest of my house. While, not economical, at least there’s a theme, right? But unfortunately, the blinds I’m using aren’t exactly… ummm… private. They are also  rather dark, and I like me a bright bathroom!  Onto the next thought…. curtains. Ugh. Gag me. I can’t help but think a teeny tiny curtain would look so dumb in this space. It just doesn’t work for how small the window is.

After reviewing all of my options, I realized that having the window exposed for the past month or so has brought a lot of light into my house, and the issues I’ve been having with covering it up are stemming directly from the fact that I actually ENJOY the light it brings in. This tiny little window is the ONLY window on the main level on that particular side of my house, and that’s where the sun rises… so it brings in this lovely glow that I wasn’t used to. I couldn’t cover it… but I had to do something.

I started researching more options, and I found some sites that sell window frosting and films. This is the perfect solution for me, because it lets the light in, but also makes it more private. After scouring Window Film and More, I learned that there are different “levels” of privacy for the window. So, if privacy is your issue, you can get something more opaque, but if it’s not, you can still benefit from the design of the film!  I really enjoyed this website in particular because they had some really cool designs, but also show a photo of an object behind the film vs. not behind it. It gives you a really good sense of the privacy level.

The one I chose was a frosted privacy film with modern vertical lines. I’ve only installed it on one pane so far, but it was fairly simple to do. It’s also removable, and won’t damage the glass, which was very important to me, considering the price I paid for new windows, and my inability to commit to anything permanently!

While not for everyone, window film may be right for you, if you are looking for a way to gain some privacy without shutting all of the natural light out of your home.

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