DIY Landscaping & Four Season Garden Design For Home Owners

Are you frustrated with figuring out what to plant and where? Is your yard filled with weeds, rocks and deer that are ruining your dreams of a beautiful, unique landscape? For beginner landscaping gardeners, these problems can be paralyzing… leaving you with a lot of uncertainty and stress about how to even GET STARTED.

Amy gardening - weeding front bed

I’m Amy and I help home gardeners design impressively beautiful landscapes that are colorful in all four seasons, show off your personality and suit your lifestyle. 

My straight-forward process will help you SOLVE your landscape problems and turn you into the neighborhood garden guru that everyone goes to for advice. I’ll show you how to design a great plan, choose the right plants and cut down on unnecessary maintenance… no expensive degree or expert drawing skills required 🙂

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This is a stress-free gardening zone (seriously)

We don't break our backs with unnecessary gardening chores.

Instead, we create a plan and choose low-maintenance plants so we don’t need to fight to “make it work.”

We don't buy exotic plants that can't grow in our garden.

We don’t set ourselves up for failure and only pick plants that will grow and thrive in our conditions.

We believe that gardening is good for the soul.

Gardening should be fun, relaxing and creative. If it’s not… why should we bother?

Combining Gardening with Design

I am a professional graphic designer and a garden lover. It didn’t take long for me to realize that all the design tricks I use at my job could also be used in my garden! So, I created my own unique DIY beginner landscaping system that easily combines gardening with design. It’s so much more fun than just plopping random plants in the ground and hoping for the best.

Sign up for my free gardening class and I’ll show you how it’s done right NOW!

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Podcast Interview

DIY Landscaping with Amy Fedele from Pretty Purple  Door: Check out episode 78 of the Easy Living Yards Podcast to hear talk about DIY projects and adding color and texture to your four-season garden.

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